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Weighted Squat Jump

The weighted squat jump is a very simple exercise that can be performed just about anywhere. This exercise will increase your overall strength along with your maximal explosiveness.

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Ankle Bounces With Medicine Ball

Ankle bounces, with or without weights, are great for increasing your vertical jump. The repetitive motion conditions and strengthens your legs. Use weights for added results in your jump training!

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Sprained Toe Symptoms And Treatment

toe sprain

A toe sprain is one of the less common sports related injuries, but it can be just as much of a nuisance as any other sprain. As with any sprain, the treatment follows several easy steps. The main problem with a toe sprain is that it’s hard to rest the toe, especially since you probably…

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Highest Vertical Jump Ever Recorded – With Video!

jump manual results

Hey guys, So I was watching reruns of past NBA dunk contests with guys who have the highest vertical jump I’ve ever seen when I got a little curious. I wanted to find out who has the highest vertical jump ever recorded. The first place I looked was Guinness Book of World Records. It listed…

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Changing Things Up With The 20 Rep Pull-up Challenge

I’ve always been one to look for new way to improve my strength and conditioning. Since this is a vertical jump site, as you might expect, my lower body seems to be disproportionately stronger than my upper body. With that in mind, I’ve set out to find a workout solution that will help me quickly build…

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