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Highest Vertical Jump Ever Recorded – With Video!

Hey guys,

highest vertical jumpSo I was watching reruns of past NBA dunk contests with guys who have the highest vertical jump I’ve ever seen when I got a little curious. I wanted to find out who has the highest vertical jump ever recorded.

The first place I looked was Guinness Book of World Records. It listed a guy named Ryan Moody as having the “highest standing jump on to a platform.” Ryan’s record has since been removed, but I did find a new record just recently.

(Update: Here’s the Guinness page for the most recent standing vertical jump record, set by Evan Ungar from Canada. This link doesn’t seem to list anything anymore, but keeping it just in case it’s updated.).

You can also check out a video of him below.

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I wanted to find some other guys who were demonstrating impressive verticals so I grabbed some other videos for you.

Check them out farther down the page and decide for yourself which of these guys can jump the highest.

Highest Vertical Jump Contenders

Evan Ungar 63.5″ Box Jump World Record (May 13, 2016)

Ryan Moody Box Jump Previous World Record Holder

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a standing vertical jump that has been set as a record for the highest standing jump…but all of the guys from here on are INSANE!

The first video below is of Leonel Marshall. He is a Cuban professional volleyball player and is said to have a 50 inch vertical.

Leonel Marshall 50 Inch Vertical Jump

This next guy is named Kadour Ziani. He is a professional dunker with Slam Nation and is said to hold the world record in the vertical jump at 60 inches!

I haven’t been able to verify this on the Guinness site, but that looks about right just by looking at the video. Check it out.

Kadour Ziani 60 Inch Vertical (Slam Nation)

The next video is actually a compilation of guys that I’ve been following for a while. They’re called Team Flight Brothers and you’ve probably heard about them if you have spent any time looking for dunk videos on YouTube.

The video shows these guys doing a bunch of moves that haven’t even been done in the NBA dunk contests yet…at least from what I can remember.

Team Flight Brothers Compilation

This last video is one of my favorite basketball players (thanks to James for reminding me to add him).

I’m sure that most of you have heard of this little powerhouse named Spud Webb. Spud was a former NBA basketball player and is most well known for his extreme jumping abilities.

He demonstrated his ability to the max during the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest by taking home the title…even while competing against the likes of Dominique Wilkins and Jerome Kersey.

He must have been working on his sprinting and quad strength!

He was the shortest person to ever compete in the dunk contest, but he never failed to impress with the dunks he could pull off even at his height.

The following video is footage from the 1986 Dunk Contest. Enjoy!

That’s it for now. If you have any recommendation for other videos to add to this list please mention it in the comments!