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Ankle Bounces With Medicine Ball

Ankle bounces, with or without weights, are great for increasing your vertical jump. The repetitive motion conditions and strengthens your legs for the jumping motion. It’s one of the most straightforward workout options we have in our list.

If you’ve already been doing standard ankle bounces, try doing them with a little extra weight.

One easy way to add a little resistance is to use a medicine ball. This will provide more resistance for your calf muscles to overcome which will initiate new muscle growth.

It will also greatly increase your endurance since it will be difficult to hold the medicine ball over your head while performing the exercise.

To begin, find a light medicine ball (5-10 lbs) and hold it over your head. Your arms do not have to be straight. in fact, they should be bent a little to help reduce strain on your elbows.

Once the ball is over your head, start bouncing on your toes repeatedly with as little knee bend as possible. Try to get as high as possible with each bounce.

For clarity, the video for regular ankle bounces is provided below. The exercise is the same, but you’ll be adding a medicine ball to the routine.

Ankle Bounces Video


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