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Dumbbell Lunges – Standing Or Walking Position

Dumbbell lunges are very useful for building high amounts of endurance and strength. This is a pretty tiring exercise especially when you kick up the weight a bit.

This exercises is usually one of the tougher exercises (like squats) and they should be performed with weights that only allow you to do about 8 reps. If you can do more, you should move up the weight a bit.

This will really help increase your strength by forcing your body to move a larger weight when you reach a certain point (8 reps).

As I usually mention, spend some time stretching out your legs and focus a lot on the area around the knees. This will be the prime spot of stress.

When you’re ready, find some dumbbells and hold one in each hand.

To do standing dumbbell lunges you simply need to kneel down on to one knee and then stand back up. Just do this in place and don’t move across the room.

To do walking dumbbell lunges just step forward on each rep, kind of like an exaggerated walking motion. Try not to let your knees actually touch the ground when you do this exercise.

You should do about 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps for the dumbbell lunges exercise.

Dumbbell Lunges Video


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